In an effort to make more local foods available during the Covid-19 pandemic, Penokean Hills Farms (located in Bruce Mines) is offering a number of bulk beef packages. These packages are designed to help give our community a supply of premium local beef and help to keep you stocked, while also supporting part of the local farming industry here in Algoma. Included in each package is FREE no-contact home delivery on Friday's to Sault Ste. Marie. Our beef is all-naturally raised here in Algoma and we're proud to be able to have this on offer for the community:

Variety Boxes:
1. 25lb Variety Box (10lbs Ground, 10lbs Steak, 5lbs Roasts): $265
2. 50lb Variety Box (20lbs Ground, 20lbs Steak, 10lbs Roasts): $505
3. x40lbs Ground Beef Box 
(in 1lb packs): $260
4. x50lb Roast Variety Box (3-4lb roasts): $375

Custom Orders:
x1 Side of Beef: $4.95/lb (based on hanging weight - approx $2000)
x1 Front Quarter Beef: $5.20/lb (based on hanging weight - approx $1100)
x1 Hind Quarter Beef: $5.20/lb (based on hanging weight - approx $1100)
x1 Split Quarter Beef: $5.30/lb (based on hanging weight - approx $1100)

All orders need to be pre-paid in advance by credit over the phone or by e-transfer. Orders are fulfilled on a first come first service basis and may not be available for same week delivery depending on demand.

To place an order please call 705.971.6328 or email us at and we will get your order placed. Please note that there is a fee of $15/box to Wawa and $30/box to Marathon/Manitouwadge to cover transportation..

Secondary phone and email: 705.782.4224 /

Keep well Algoma!
Penokean Hills Farms