Penokean Hills Farms has developed a simple, hassle-free fundraising program using our local beef. Each participating group will be given 20% of all sales obtained through their fundraising activities. 

     We have created an easy to follow program, and can modify it to your specific needs and deadlines.


1. Fundraising forms are delivered directly to the organization.

2.The participants will use these forms to collect sales over the agreed upon period of time. (Recommended 2-3 weeks)

3. Order forms are returned with all money collected to the participating organizer 

4. Order forms are picked up by a Penokean Hills representative, to be consolidated into an organized list and cuts of meat processed.

5. Approximately 2 weeks after the fundraising period has ended, our staff will deliver the product in a refrigerated truck at an agreed upon location and time. Our staff will remain at the location for the designated time period, ensuring orders are picked up and handed out correctly.

NOTE: For the purpose of organization and time, all the product will be delivered in a frozen state. 


For more information, to set up a fundraiser or to obtain a sample copy of the fundraiser form, please call or email us at: