In 2005, a group of local family farmers from Algoma decided to collectively sell a high quality, healthy, and locally produced brand of beef native to Northern Ontario. It was their mandate to give the animals a high quality, stress-free life and to give local consumers increased access to a clean product. Since that time the company was consolidated and bought by two of its members; Mike Tulloch and Chris Gordon. Both are local farmers who have a deep family history of farming and a passion to provide high-quality products to the local community. 

Over the years Penokean Hills Farms has developed two lines of beef products with our local farmers; our Pea-Barley Finished product (grain-finished), was developed for superior flavour and tenderness. In 2009 the product was awarded an Ontario-wide Premier Award for the diet of the animals. Our second line is our Grass-Fed Beef. This line was developed for those who enjoy leaner cuts and/or who deal with certain health and allergy conditions. Since our inception in 2005, our philosophy has always been to produce the highest standard of tasty, nutritious beef possible, while enhancing the environment and supporting our local community.

Penokean Hills Farms uses predominately British-based breeds of cattle such as Black and Red Angus, and Galloway cattle. These animals are raised on well over 1000 acres of land and are free to forge on the natural grasses and plants that are both healthy for the cattle, the consumer and adapted to Northern Ontario conditions. Our animals are located at a large cow-calf operation in Rydal Bank, Ontario, a finishing farm in Thessalon, Ontario and another family farm in Echo Bay, Ontario for our Grass-Fed cattle.

We adhere to strict guidelines in raising our beef. We take great care to ensure that the animals we raise are well looked after. Each animal is bred for excellent tenderness and taste through a thorough process of genetic research. All of our products are hormone and anti-biotic free and raised all-naturally. All of these above factors, as well as their diet, contribute to the great tasting beef we've enjoyed.

In the Spring/Summer of 2015, Penokean Hills Farms purchased the local abattoir located in Bruce Mines. As the only abattoir in the entire Algoma district, it serves not only as an important cog to our farm but to many other local farmers in the community. Without it, our farmers would need to ship their animals outside of the district to be processed. With the growth of Penokean Hills Farms, it has allowed the abattoir to become sustainable for the first time in many years. By purchasing our local products you are not only helping our local farm, but all of our local farmers.

If you haven't yet tried our products, we think you'll be impressed by the quality and unique flavour of a 100% Northern Ontario product. We also raise pork and lamb under the same diet and natural conditions. They are available for retail purchase at the Mill Market in Sault Ste. Marie. Thank you for supporting us and supporting local!