Roasts are a great way to entertain family and friends with a meal. They are cut from a variety of different areas of a cow and like steaks, all carry a little bit of different characteristics from each other. Some cuts are more tender or more fatty than others. Below is a generic list of some of the various roasts available. 


Prime Rib Roast

The Prime Rib Roast is considered by many to be the king of roasts. Being very tender, flavourful and juicy, its hard to argue with that sentiment. Its high marbling helps to create the flavour.




Top Sirloin Roast

The Top Sirloin Roast is mid to high-end roast. Its a great roast if you want something good that doesn't break the bank. While not as tender as a Prime Rib Roast, it is still quite tender and juicy. These roasts comes out of the Sirloin Primal, where you would otherwise make sirloin steaks.


Tri-Tip Roast

A good mid-range roast that is not quite as tender as a Top Sirloin Roast. This roast is a triangular shaped roast that is cut from the bottom portion of the Sirloin.




Blade Roast

Another well-marbled and juicy cut. This roast is taken out of the shoulder or chuck primal of an animal. This cut is an excellent bang for your buck roast.




Cross Rib Roast

This roast is also taken from the shoulder (or chuck) section of an animal. The layers of fat throughout the roast makes Cross Rib a very flavourful choice. For best results, cook it very slowly to retain the majority of the juices.




Eye of Round Roast

The prized roast out of the Hip (or Round) Primal of an animal. This is a leaner cut and a little more economical to buy than some of the other roasts. Best cooked slowly to medium rare and sliced against the grain.