The local Abattoir in Bruce Mines was purchased by Penokean Hills Farms in the Spring/Summer of 2015. It plays a good-sized role to the farming community, as the only abattoir located in the entire district of Algoma. In addition to using it for our own animals, local farmers and community members use its services year-round for beef, pork, lamb, bison, rabbit, chicken, turkey and more. It currently employs a half a dozen full-time employees and a dozen part-time employees. All animals processed through the plant are provincially inspected and graded before sold or given back to the community farmers. Plans to re-vitalize the abattoir are underway with a large expansion set to begin in the Fall 2019.

All Penokean Hills Farms cattle are processed at this location and delivered fresh to various restaurants, butcher shops, stores, hospitals, schools and farmers markets each and every week. You can also buy our products right at the abattoir. In buying our products, it not only supports our local farm but helps sustain the abattoir, which supports other local farmers. It also keeps your dollars circulating in Algoma and supports family farming as a way of life. We strive to use local businesses and products in day-to-day operations of the abattoir. Buying locally helps to create and sustain jobs which help support and strengthen our economy in Northern Ontario and more specifically the Algoma area.